10 Insider Lessons for Surviving the Corporate World

It took me years to comprehend and digest why people function so differently in the corporate world as compared to where I was coming from. On one hand, the traits of having a vision, clarity of thought, being determined and ambitious, creative and innovative, helped me excel in my career, as they were highly valued in this competitive culture; on the other hand I found that when it comes to people skills, particularly networking, leveraging influence and positioning, my value system was very different to the one I was thrown into. Turns out my parents didn’t raise a kid who was ready to face the cutthroat corporate environment, which is typically the case with other fresh grads coming from a protective background. You are generally left high and dry to figure everything out on your own, the hard way.

Whether we like it or not, corporate world is the real world. In order to ensure you don’t take too much time in finding your footing in this space, I’m sharing with you some insider unwritten rules of the game. These are the top 10 lessons for surviving the corporate world.


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