What does change look like for women returners?

Cadence Innova helps public sector organisations grow their social impact, through digital and business transformation. As part of an effort to build inclusive cultures in companies, Cadence also uses flexibility and diversity as cornerstones of its own business practice.

In this interview, I am exploring why it is important to explore the lives of experienced professionals who have taken a long career break and are ready to get back to work.

I talked to Julia Brennan, an accomplished International Sales Manager with over 10 years’ experience in bilingual negotiation, sales, product localisation and staff management, working at a senior level in both the UK and Russia.

In the past, Julia also worked for the British Embassy Moscow, CIS Council for Standardisation and Certification, and Shell Moscow.

She shares her background, what the change looks like in a life of a returner, and her top tips for a seamless transition from stay-at-home to professional work.


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