Traditional Clothing Sizes Aren’t Inclusive – So This Designer Is Getting Rid Of Them

It’s easy to preach self-love — but in reality, we tend to be our own worst critics. That’s why we partnered with Clear Eyes, the #1 selling eye drop brand, to celebrate the shining moments in life when we can see ourselves most clearly. Ahead, meet one woman who embodies that very ethos.
In Lisa Sun’s office, there are six living, sentient human beings, and 16 mannequins. The space — one room in an industrial building in New York’s Garment District, wedged between a deli and a storefront that specializes in metal snaps — operates as both a factory and headquarters for her clothing label, Gravitas.
Unlike most luxury apparel lines, Gravitas clothing comes in sizes 0 to 26W — hence the surplus of mannequins. But check the label on any one of the brand’s latest pieces, and you won’t find a number. Instead, you’ll find a word beginning with any one of the letters in GRAVITAS. “The number means nothing. Numerical sizes are just a scale, and I was tired of beating myself up over which number fit me,” she says. “It sounds way better to say, ‘I’m between an ace and an inspiration,’ so we just got rid of the numbers.”
These prose labels — what Lisa calls “life labels” — make no distinction between what is traditionally “plus-sized” and what’s not. “Growing up,” Lisa explains, “I’d be shopping with my friends and we would look at handbags and jewelry together, then they’d go on shopping on the 4th floor — but because I was a size 18-20, I’d get sent up to the 8th floor to find clothes that fit me. I hated that.”
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