i’m a 33 year old, white, male, Managing Director in the media industry. And I previously looked at D&I from the wrong angle

I actually wrote the bulk of this post a month ago. I didn’t post it because I feared people would just think I was trying to tick a box, score points or was looking for a pat on the back – “a 30-something white guy talking about D&I”…I could see the eye rolls and the imposter syndrome was, and still is, real.

Earlier this week I attended RISE – Creative Equals’ event all around D&I in the media industry which was truly inspirational, with so many fantastic sessions and speakers. I watched a session all about imposter syndrome with interest, albeit still being too nervous to grab the mic and tell my story on the day. But in the last 24 hours I’ve reflected, and I’m hitting the post button now. So here we go!



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