The Complete Guide To Studying and Living in UK as an LGBT Student

Studying at a university is supposed to be about learning, growing intellectually, having fun and enjoying the student life at its fullest. But, for marginalized groups like LGBTs, more often than not it’s about exclusion and prejudice. Although most prejudice towards LGBT people that once were common and are now diminishing, studying as an LGBT student is still challenging.

Studying in UK as an LGBT Student

It is reported from the Amnesty International that in 72 countries worldwide LGBTs face continual prosecution. Moreover, in eight of these countries a death penalty for everyone stating their sexual orientation as an LGBT is still running.

But, with the consistent fight for their rights, many improvements are done in terms of acceptance and valuing the society’s diversity, leaving hope for them to finally state their sexual orientation freely. However, there’s a long way until LGBT people will no longer feel this mistreatment, particularly at universities.

Unfortunately, universities are one of the places where this category of people faces the hardest challenges concerning their sexual orientation. Every day, the news of LGBT students being bullied, excluded from important social or educational events, stigmatized, and quite often physically attacked make the news headlines. As a result, many of them try to hide their sexual preferences and eventually drop the higher education.

Luckily, the UK is one of the very few exceptions from this trend. Although there’s more to do, on their objective of creating a safe environment and equally accessible higher education, the UK universities really stand out from the crowd. They’re establishing different sectors within their campuses that deliver specific services for the LGBTs, including emotional support.

Acclaiming to be such a friendly environment for this community, the number of people who are publicly stating their sexual orientation is higher than ever. According to the statistics of the Office for National Statistics, as of 2016, more than a million people accepted to likely be bi-sexual, gay or lesbian. This is a sign that the LGBTs in UK are feeling safer to openly state their sexuality assignment. And since this is true for university campuses too, then it’s a clear indication that British higher education is LGBT-friendly.

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