Women Economic Forum in Slovenia

WEF Slovenia is taking place at the most prestigious Grand Hotel Union in Ljubljana, Slovenia from 6th – 8th February 2020. 

We are committed to strengthening She-for-She bonds, welcome He-for-She champions, and with our #MissionMillion2022 fostering collective action for creating a better world for ALL.

About Women Economic Forum (WEF) and ALL Ladies League (ALL)

The forum arm of the global network ALL Ladies League (ALL), the Women Economic Forum (WEF) is an international platform enabling women and leaders from all walks of life worldwide to expand business opportunities and enhance personal influence through networking across borders while being inspired by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, authors, thought leaders and celebrities.

We are a non-profit with a philanthropic vision and collaborative spirit.

With connections to 100,000 members and inspiring women across 150 countries, ALL & WEF are among the largest women’s networks offering the widest outreach, enabling global connections for empowering women’s entrepreneurship and leadership.

We have a strong #SheforShe spirit, with outreach toward #SheforHe and #HeforShe. It is a movement of Gender Equality without Gender Divisiveness.

ALL is a multinational movement of “Sisters Beyond Borders,” fostering a worldwide web of women beyond borders, boundaries and bias. It operates via a network of chapters that are circles of self-help through support and sisterhood.

WEF curates conversations, connections, community and collaborations toward our greater influence and impact through relentless inspiration and initiatives. It conducts editions globally encouraging local ALL chapters and widening networks to gather for peer exchange and networking enabling “Business Beyond Borders” in a spirit of support and sisterhood.

Celebrating 34 global editions: 2015-2019

Earlier global editions have been held across US (Los Angeles/New Mexico/Santa Barbara), Canada (Vancouver), UK (London, Birmingham), Europe (Hague, Amsterdam, Tomar, Lisbon), Nordics (Iceland), Caribbean (Grenada), MENA (Tunisia); Australia (Perth), Latin America (Colombia – Carthagena), and in India where the organisation is headquartered (Delhi, Chennai, Kolkatta, Guwahati, Kerala, Goa).

Coming up further in 2019-2020 are our WEF events in UK (London), Mexico, India (Madurai-Tamilnadu), Slovenia, Egypt et al.

Global Support and Thought Leadership

Across our editions, we have had the good fortune of being addressed by thought leaders from the world including Heads of States, Nobel Laureates, Royalty, Ministers, Mayors, Businesswomen, University Presidents and Professors, Judges, Industrialists, Ambassadors & Diplomats, Film and Sports personalities, and of course inspiring businesswomen, entrepreneurs and supportive leaders from a wide variety of fields.


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