The WECAN letter

The WECAN letter below was sent on 15 May 2019 to Lead candidates in the European elections with copies to Council President Donald Tusk, Chairs of the European Parliament political groups and Member State EU Ambassadors and Deputy Ambassadors.  The letter was based on the WECAN Pledge on Gender Proof Growth.

The Women Enablers Change Agent Network in collaboration with important organisations and companies across Europe calls upon you to address gender parity during and after the European election process to ensure the diverse leadership needed to lead Europe in the 21st century.

European political leadership is about to change this summer. There is a lot at stake: elections of new members of the European Parliament, the appointment of the Commission, European Parliament and European Council Presidents, the Commissioners and senior positions in the EU Institutions as well as the new EU-budget for the period 2021-2027.

We undersigned want the status quo to change: The share of women in the EU Member State Governments is 29,3%. All current Presidents of the EU institutions (European Council, the Commission, the European Parliament) are male. These institutions together with national administrations safeguard the values of the EU Treaties and set EU policies, which affect most areas of the economy and society of the Union for over 500 million European citizens.

​Overwhelming amounts of research point to the economic, societal progress and performance case for pursuing gender equality and diversity in private and public sector decision making. The creation of gender-balanced environment should start in the member states with a commitment to a supportive workplace for both men and women as well as gender parity across all national Government offices and cabinets.


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