A survival guide for being a woman on the internet

Once upon a time, in the foggy kingdom of San Francisco, I was in an Uber checking my notifications. Suddenly, I discovered a man I have never met who lived in the far away kingdom of North Carolina posted a photo of me on Instagram, claiming I was stalking him.

The Instagram post went viral, and people started digging into this man’s (or, perhaps troll’s) online history. Soon, the Twitter kingdom would discover virtually all his social media posts were a lie. From photoshopping images of women he had never met to claims of fake career accomplishments to describing fake accidents, the distorted reality he had built for himself over the course of five years was as impressive as it was creepy. Even Seth Rogen chimed inon how he hadn’t, in fact, met this fellow at a charity golf tournament. (Surprise: The photo he shared of Rogen was actually that of a wax statue in Hollywood.)


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