Losing The Presidency: The Role Of Gender Politics In Hillary Clinton’s Downfall

The potent combination of sex and power has been continually at the forefront of the US presidential election; allegations of corruption linked to sex scandals, presidential dynasties and sexual infidelities, misogynistic behaviours and sexist posturing.

With the election behind us and victory for Trump we might well assume that the politics of gender will now be replaced by the business of running the country. However the historic news of Trump’s victory as the first US president to enter the White House without political experience raises questions about the role that gender politics have played in the presidential election.

My research examining experiences, perceptions and expectations of women leaders has shown how women are viewed as out of place in leadership roles; they disrupt social perceptions and expectations that identify men as natural leaders. Where men are viewed as natural successors to leadership roles, women face an ongoing battle of legitimation and continual scrutiny of their leadership with reference to their gender. In other words women simply do not possess the gender capital afforded to men.

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