Tolerating wolf-whistling is the ‘broken windows’ of sexism

Why tolerating wolf-whistling encourages further sexist behaviour
Tolerating wolf-whistling, is just one aspect of a male-coded society. Cultural expectations are built on the small actions of everyday life, so we need make sure those are right first.
Tolerating wolf-whistling has a generational divide. Older women think we younger women should keep our heads down and move on. We should get on with dealing with things that matter, the important things in life. Street harassment is an equal opportunity engager and impacts women of all backgrounds, sizes, shapes, race and cultures, although it does display ageism. There is a definite bias towards younger women. Women generally under the age of 40 think it’s a pain, because usually we are the ones who are being harassed on a daily basis as we go about our business and not older women. Tolerating wolf-whistling is the broken window of sexism. It is the thin end of a very long wedge.
Calling out and outlawing even the small things lays firm ground rules and changes cultural expectations. This is why we need to do the same with wolf-whistling.


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