wo words were said around the world to fight against sexual harassment and assault: Me Too. Those two words began a campaign that also reached the European Parliament putting on the table the fact that sexual harassment also affects the women that work in the European Institutions. ‘It was an open secret, but it was hidden. Nobody can be surprised’ says Angela Vallina, Member of the European Parliament that supported the campaign #MeToo. “We need men, without them would be impossible”, Angela Vallina adds.

94 per cent of women have been subjected to sexist behavior in the workplace and around one in ten has suffered physical aggression; according to the study ‘My experience of sexism’ of Jump -an enterprise that works with organizations in order to promote gender equality. During the last few months, several female MEPs have shared their experiences of sexual harassment at work.

We need men to support us. Men are just realizing that it is a problem that also affects them as well. I will always encourage them to help and reflect what kind of position they have and what they can do to change this atmosphere’ Terry says.

‘In the debate related to sexual harassment at the EP there were less than 50 people in the Parliament and only around 5 of them were men’, Angela says.

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