Why is the onus always on the women to share their stories?

With insights from Justin Baldoni, Ted Bunch, Eve Ensler, Michael Kimmel, Matt McGorry, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, and Maile M. Zambuto

Since the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault story broke the floodgates, every day brings new allegations of powerful men assaulting or harassing women, and millions of women have been publicly sharing their personal stories and declaring “#MeToo.” But why is the onus always on the women to share their stories, to be the only ones leading the outcry and call for change? Both men and women are asking how men can get more involved in this movement and are committed to educating men on how to use their voices and influence to become part of the solution.

That’s why the Joyful Heart Foundation and A CALL TO MEN, a violence prevention organization, partnered to launch their #IWILLSPEAKUP campaign asking men to speak up and support survivors of sexual assault, abuse and harassment. Because as A CALL TO MEN cofounder Ted Bunch told me, “Only men can end men’s violence against women,” and as Joyful Heart Foundation CEO Maile M. Zambuto put it, “This is not a women’s issue; this is an issue of humanity.” The op-ed and PSA are a powerful response to #MeToo and call to men to end harassment and all forms of violence and discrimination against women and girls (and includes a pledge of actions to “break the silence and create change”).


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