Over-exposed or power statement? Madonna’s breasts

Madonna’s breasts have recently had a great deal of exposure (sorry!) in the media and not to mention physically. The 56-year-old “Queen of Pop” bared all, nipples included, in a cut out corset for a recent magazine shoot.

The response was somewhat polarised. Hailed variously as a triumph for the plastic surgery industry on the one hand, and a “triumph of empowerment” for all women, whatever their age, on the other. So is this another publicity stunt or a genuine power statement?

I viewed the photos of her body parts in the way the captain of an ocean liner might look at an iceberg. With deep suspicion. This is more about her motives than the provenance of her mammary glands, although I suspect both are dubious.

Madonna’s breasts have been in and out of the media for years, with all the discretion of a pick pocket in a nudist colony. She has never been

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