Babysitters Find Gender Gap at Starting Gate

When the 17-year-old from Waterford, Mich., is not in school or at marching band practice, she is praising crayon drawings and reading fairytales to the low-income children from her church over whom she watches.

Riley may be growing her resume, which will help her reach her goal of being an elementary school teacher, but she’s not building her bank account.

“I know I get paid less than what my friends who babysit do,” said Riley, who doesn’t want to burden the families she works for by demanding more money. “I just accept what the parent gives me. It’s usually not a lot, maybe $20 for a few hours. It wouldn’t shock me if anyone was paid more than me, including the few boys who do babysit.”

And boys do get paid more, according to Priceonomics. The economics-based website recently released a widely noted study collected from online babysitting profiles that found

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