Understanding gender stereotypes – why we are missing the point

Where do gender stereotypes come from?

Gender stereotypes are very commonplace in our culture. But where do they come from? And why are they perpetuating the problems?

In legal terms, women in much of the developed world now enjoy equal rights to men. There are however a number of gender stereotypes that still pervade our culture. Antiquated biases that we don’t even always realise we have, and that as a society we just can’t shake. The problem is that stereotypes are often based in truth. They may come from genuine observations of female behaviour. However in simply pointing out these differences we are missing the point. Rather than being natural behaviours, they are in fact usually by-products of our patriarchal society. In order to progress and allow for a true equality, we need to understand where they stem from. In this article I will attempt to unpack some common misconceptions about women and shed a little light on where they come from.

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