Why girls must be encouraged to play sport – so they can succeed as women in business

The number of girls playing team sports at schools is rocketing – and that’s good news for future business prospects.

Data released from the Independent School’s Football Association has revealed that the number of schools offering football to girls has soared from 12 to 120 in five years. Similar figures are mimicked in other sports, including cricket and basketball, which have also seen greater global coverage of the respective female teams’ successes.

Women are engaging in perceived male-dominated sports from a younger age and the plethora of skills that accompany girls playing male-dominated sports and activities will be helpful to their progression into business and boardrooms in later life.

Rules of sport, often complex, teach us to think tactically. Playing different sports encourages us to think one step ahead of our opponent. A footballer in a penalty shoot-out has to make tactical decisions under immense pressure. And that psychological pressure translates to the business world when time-sensitive choices need to be made independently.


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