Caroline Thomaes, Country Leader of Procter and Gamble (P&G) for the Benelux, shares her views on leadership in today’s world. As a leader and as a woman, Caroline feels she “has it all”. We have asked her what type of Leadership is needed today and how to get there. She says:

“Today, leadership is all about soft skills. The future is soft skills. It is constant, life-long learning. The best leaders are the best learners. We reinvent ourselves, understand how we can make an impact and learn something new every day.

I see my impact. I lead with my heart. I care. Today’s leadership is about caring. I always find time for my people no matter what I do. I ask every member of my team: What is the superpower you have?

A leader today needs to be authentic. When you are authentic, people follow your lead. You cannot be fake. You cannot be ‘all talk and no walk’. You need to be a transparent, mature and share responsibility. Otherwise, your followers will neither trust you nor rely on you for the tough decisions that need to be made.”


“Being an inclusive leader is something you build day by day. Take small steps every single day. Stop other people’s and your own wrong behaviour, by being aware of any stereotypes and bias. Being present at every moment with undivided attention is essential.

However, this is very difficult. Today’s leaders are constantly struggling to keep up with various demands, different issues to understand, as well as their phone and email. We are regularly needed. Focusing on the here and now and being with every person that requires your attention can be a challenge, but this is who an inclusive leader has to be.”

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