Why HR does not do more for gender balance

Women control the talent pipeline – why HR does not do more for gender balance is complex

The business case for diversity and gender balance is incontrovertible. Yet success in processing women through the talent pipeline to senior positions continues to be elusive. The numbers are dismal with organic change for gender balance with a recent forecast from the World Economic Forum to take another 200+  years.   But as the talent pipeline is managed for the most part by HR, a pink function, dominated the world over by women, the issue has to be examined to establish why HR does not do more for gender balance

It seems truthfully, all a bit odd. And something we need to talk about  – yet almost no one does, from both a female perspective or as HR.


In Europe as well as the U.S., HR is dominated by women. Across the pond 70% of the function is female.  In the UK the story is the same. At entry-level 86% of post holders are women, although this percentage drops to 42.5% at director level.  In the U.S. women occupy two-thirds of the HR executive positions.  One commentator likened an HR conference in Las Vegas to a Barry Manilow concert, so heavily populated was it by older ladies.

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