Why do women shy away from challenging careers?

Having been a very achieving and ambitious woman in my early career, my recent professional choices have not ceased to surprise me.

Many times over the last few years, I have indeed decided to shun or leave demanding jobs and go for either lower key positions or self employed projects. And more and more, I am dreaming to be able to afford to merely become a self-sufficient writer. Why is that? Am I not supposed, as an educated individual with degrees, to achieve, build a flourishing career, earn money and impact society as much as possible?

Certainly, my professional experience has taught me that work is always only that: labour, by which I mean the suffering, exploitation and frustration resulting from being pressured and underpaid by organisations making profits. However, I would probably feel the same about the job market if I was a man. I have also become very disillusioned regarding the potential impact the sort of research-related work I have been hired for could have on society. But again, many male intellectuals do feel equally disenchanted. And yet, it seems that women are more likely than men to avoid demanding career paths and merely look for a source of income[2].

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