Being your own priority—a business (and life) imperative

Until a few months ago, I felt I was an expert at taking time for myself. I scheduled it on my calendar every day, blocked off as “do not schedule.” so that nothing would get scheduled – self-imposed “Me Time”. I would spend that time in a variety of different ways – sometimes it was for reflection and meditation, other times it was for self-care, and still other times it would be used for deep, focused work. I hung a digital “Do Not Disturb” sign on my virtual office door. And because I respected it, the people I work with respected it too.

Now, I have to acknowledge something: I’m extremely fortunate to work for an organization that understands people’s need for flexible schedules. I know far too many people in the workforce don’t get that kind of support from their employer.

Still, claiming the flexibility I needed was a revelation. Having time for myself during the day made me more resilient. It helped me handle the unexpected much more easily. I even felt more optimistic—and I thought my attitude was already pretty good.

Lately, though, I’ve found myself getting a little more lax about my “Me Time”. Someone asks to book a meeting and I’ll say yes. I’ll think, She only wants 15 minutes…I’ll still have 15 minutes for myself.

The irony is, I’m in charge of well-being at Deloitte. I know how essential self-care is. And it’s my job to make sure everyone in the organization knows that too. But these days, I have to admit I’m not always practicing everything I preach.

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