Subtle sexism – not so subtle anymore

Why we need to call out “subtle sexism”

Interrupted. Talked over. Silenced. “Subtle sexism” includes behaviours so routine in a woman’s life that we may come to accept them, forgetting how prevalent and damaging they are.

Among the most common offenders: dismissal of our opinions (scoffing, eye rolling, ignoring); others taking credit for our ideas; assumptions about qualities of leadership; commentary on our voices, our faces (“pretty enough”), our bodies (too fat, too flat, too sexy, not sexy enough), our wardrobes, our hair…

Isn’t subtle sexism a factor in women internalizing professional rejection more than men?

And then there are those pesky double standards that some might consider anything but subtle.

Sexism, Ageism, Looksism. And of Course, Racism.

Is this something I have experienced in my life? Definitely. Something you have experienced as well? I’m guessing that’s a yes. Something I have managed to work around, and you have, too?

No doubt, to an extent. That “extent” is governed by how many of those “isms” you’re battling, and the circumstances in which you’re keeping up the brave (and necessary) fight.

So what do we do?

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