Diversity is a necessity, a driver, an opportunity. Paying lip service is not enough

Today’s organizations care about diversity, though to differing degrees, probably encouraged in some cases by evolving legislation, which forces them to care. And happily, the law is telling us what we already knew: that businesses must show how we can live together better, must be in the vanguard of a profound transformation in our ways of being, of thinking, of behaving. There is no doubt that what we do in our businesses, in our spheres of activity, in our organisational structures, has and will have a positive impact on social inclusion and cohesion.

A media group is much more than a mere provider of entertainment, especially in the case of TF1 which is the French market leader. It is a window opened on the world, shared by millions of viewers. And the picture we paint of society in our programmes, news and drama influences the behavior of our fellow citizens. Television is part of the social glue. It creates conversations, generates debate, holds up a mirror to the world, crosses generations, cultures and skin colours, and unites us all. It has been able to create a unique relationship of trust with viewers, and it has this remarkable ability – envied by the internet – to enable us to share, at the same moment, wherever we live and whatever our circumstances, the same emotion. Because television gives us this sense of “living together”, the industry has a very special responsibility and a quasi-obligation to lead by example.

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