Why women suffer from gender burnout

What is gender burnout?

In the last five decades women have become increasingly independent as larger numbers of talented women seek corporate careers. But a growing percentage of these women are finding the challenges, both professional and social, overwhelming. Starting with the niggle of gender fatigue, it is now morphing into full-on gender burnout.

There are a number of reasons for this gender burnout.


Women are still under represented in senior roles in all spheres of life: economic and political. Our salaries are  +/-80% of our male counterparts. We still take on more than our fair share of domestic responsibilities. When women receive lower salaries, have fewer opportunities and are shown less respect for their contribution, not unsurprisingly they get fed-up. Gender burnout kicks in and they leave. It’s that simple.

The every day challenges of dealing with male coded corporate culture takes its toll. Elisabeth Kelan, Professor of Leadership at Cranfield School of Management identified this possibility as far back as 2009 in her book Performing Gender At Work. She says:


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