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Summary :
Foreword : A woman’s professional success and her couple
Editorial : Pourquoi et comment mettre en oeuvre un modèle à deux apporteurs de revenu/deux pourvoyeurs de soins ?
Advance your career : 5 Ways to Protect Your Job in 2009
Advance your career : Get Elected to the Career of Your Dreams
Advance your career : How about one question making a goldmine of every reception yet to come?
Build your own business : The extraordinary success of women-owned companies
Active mother : Lessons in Leadership That Mothers Can Learn From the New First Lady Michelle Obama
Women's networks - blog : Netwerk zorgt voor carrièremobiliteit
Inspiring women : Interview d'Huguette Martin-Fraipon, Head of Projects and Interior Design chez Martin's Hotels
Jobs : Unique Office Brussels is looking for an enthusiastic Legal secretary
Feel good ! : Ma résolution pour 2009:me faire dorloter au Martin’Spa à Genval. Offre exclusive pour les lectrices de JUMP !
Companies & gender : Vrouwen moeten economie redden
Companies & gender : Le système belge de sécurité sociale crée-t-il des discriminations entre les hommes et les femmes?
Show solidarity : 2008 was not a fruitful year for gender equality and the EU accession process in Turkey
Woman's academy : Academy on the 12 February 09 in Brussels : Active Listening, get a win-win solution
Books : Si elles avaient le pouvoir…
Agenda : 5th European Gender and ICT Symposium in Bremen 5/03/09

 A woman’s professional success and her couple

When a woman marries a wealthy successful man who earns more then her, everyone will congratulate him for this wonderful marriage. But when it is the woman who is recognised and respected in her job, people wonder how the poor husband must be coping with his wife’s complex, difficult and demanding character. It is exactly these stereotypes that imprison women and men in societal roles that are too constraint for the realty of our modern day lives.

When men lose control of what they often believe is their most important contribution to raising a family – an income – the balance of power gets skewed and loving relationships can become difficult. Men may resent their wives for stripping them of their importance; women may begrudge their husbands for not carrying the financial burden; or women may feel guilt for having more success than their partner. There's this societal belief that whoever has the money in a relationship has the power, and if she makes more money than he does, she's somehow going to take over. Even if this view is somewhat subjective, statistics show that the more a woman earns, the more a man’s time at housekeeping increases.
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 Pourquoi et comment mettre en oeuvre un modèle à deux apporteurs de revenu/deux pourvoyeurs de soins ?

par Dominique Méda
Centre d’études de l’emploi, La Découverte (Revue Française de Socio-économie)

Dans tous les pays occidentaux, les taux d’activité et d’emploi féminins ont augmenté, de même que les niveaux d’éducation des femmes. Pourtant, le temps de travail des hommes reste partout supérieur à celui des femmes, de même que leur contribution aux revenus du ménage alors que les tâches familiales et domestiques restent en revanche l’apanage des femmes. Même si le modèle strict du male breadwinner semble en voie de disparition, ainsi que la figure de la femme au foyer, plusieurs modèles de répartition des revenus et des tâches parentales coexistent dans les pays occidentaux. Mais dans aucun l’égalité réelle des contributions masculines et féminines aux responsabilités professionnelles et parentales n’est de mise.
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 5 Ways to Protect Your Job in 2009

source : www.womenco.com

I love a quote from the Cheshire Cat in Alice in Wonderland. He says that “If you don’t know where you’re going, it doesn’t make a difference which path you take.” I’m not a fan of New Year’s resolutions but I do believe in having goals.
In today’s climate of layoffs and downsizing, one of the goals that many people have is to keep their job in 2009. I would challenge you to make a bolder goal — not only to keep your job but to thrive in it. If that’s something that appeals to you, here are five suggestions on how to accomplish that:
1. Take ownership of your career success. As I’ve said in previous articles, think of yourself as the CEO of your personal corporation. The product you own includes the skills and abilities which you are providing to the company you work for. The more you increase your value to the company, the easier it is to negotiate for things that you want, including salary and promotions.
2. Focus on your strengths – what you’re really good at. Think about how you can leverage your strengths this year to help achieve your company’s objectives. Become an expert in some area of your responsibility. Be the person that everyone thinks of for that particular thing. If you don’t know how your job fits into the overall company goals, find that out first. You should always know the answer to that question..

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 Get Elected to the Career of Your Dreams

source: www.marshawnevans.com

Politics aside, I am impressed by President Obama's life story. Born to an immigrant father and raised by a single mother, he was by no means wealthy. Without traditional resources and an established family name, he not only entered the national political arena, he built the most dynamic ( and financially stable) political campaign in history. There are a lot of career building strategies that we can take away from watching the campaign unfold this year.


Number 1 : HAVE A VISION. Knowing exactly what you want to accomplish is necessary if you want people to buy into your vision and support you in reaching your goals. One of the things that successful political candidates do is spell out a vision in a way that inspires and attracts people. A strong vision becomes magnetic. People are then attracted to what it is that you're trying to accomplish. If you don't have that vision, it will be very hard to get people to support you.

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 How about one question making a goldmine of every reception yet to come?

by Josephine Overeem

One of the major undiscovered territories in businesslife is not the newest software, digital gadget or a gourou writing the umptieth book about coaching. How come so many people don't yet use this simple tool that's absolutely free?

Take part to the Woman's Academy workshop: Academy on the 12 February 09 in Brussels : Active Listening, get a win-win solution

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 The extraordinary success of women-owned companies

source : www.women-omics.com


Unsung heroes...
With good news so thin on the ground these days, it’s great to find one positive piece of economic data. You’d think there’d be cheering in the aisles; they certainly ought to be.

* Women-owned businesses in the United States grow at 11% compared to 6% in other companies and have revenue growth of 32% compared to 24%

* Women-owned companies make leanness a part of their corporate DNA
* They want to make a difference as well as make money
* They are more likely to offer flexible working hours
* They are more likely to be involved in community activity
* They hire a diverse group of people and offer good health and retirement plans

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 Lessons in Leadership That Mothers Can Learn From the New First Lady Michelle Obama

source : www.mommytrackd.com


Michelle Obama, a high-powered lawyer and executive administrator, values family life and says she will strive to give her daughters as normal a life as possible despite their being in the public eye. While she intends to use her platform as first lady to be an advocate for women’s issues, military families and national service, her priority will be her children, not policy—especially in the first transition year. Jamie Woolf, whose book teaches moms how to use “best practices” from the workplace to make family life run more smoothly, says that adopting business leadership strategies can make the difference between a smooth and a chaotic transition for any family. Here are the lessons she draws from Michelle Obama:

Lesson 1: Motherhood is a leadership job. By calling herself “mom-in-chief,’ Michelle Obama sends a message that being a mom means being a leader, giving her job a status not usually afforded mothers. By celebrating her role rather than apologizing for it, she connects the notion of leadership beyond the walls of corporate suites and presidential mansions to the homes of average parents. The best leaders, like the best parents, strive to provide the proper conditions in which others can grow and reach their highest aspirations.

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 Netwerk zorgt voor carrièremobiliteit

Bron : www.6minutes.be

Volgens een peiling die het European Professional Women’s Network bij haar leden uitvoerde, blijkt dat het persoonlijke netwerk nog steeds het beste instrument voor carrièremobiliteit is.

Een goed onderhouden netwerk vergroot de loopbaanperspectieven aanzienlijk, zo is bekend.

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 Interview d'Huguette Martin-Fraipon, Head of Projects and Interior Design chez Martin's Hotels

Head of Projects and Interior Design
58 ans, mariée, maman de 3 enfants et heureuse grand-mère

Quel est votre message aux femmes ?
Ecoutez votre intuition, votre intelligence émotionnelle et garder votre autonomie. Soyez attentive à votre personne et à votre santé. Ne vous laissez pas emporter par une spirale de « trop de choses à faire » ; un excès de fatigue peut anéantir votre énergie vitale! Restez femme et féminine. N’hésitez pas à « vous » faire plaisir. Pourquoi pas une pause détente et bien-être au Martin’Spa ?

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 Unique Office Brussels is looking for an enthusiastic Legal secretary

We are currently looking for an Enthusiastic Legal secretary for one of our prestigious clients located in the heart of Brussels.

On our website www.unique.be, you’ll find further information about Unique Office and other specific jobopportunities.
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 Ma résolution pour 2009: me faire dorloter au Martin’Spa à Genval. Offre exclusive pour les lectrices de JUMP !

Par Stéphanie Vander Elst
Qui d’entre nous n’a pas encore entendu parler du Martin’Spa, ce nouveau temple du ressourcement blotti sur les cimes du Château du Lac, dans le décor somptueux du lac de Genval ? Son ouverture a fait le tour de toute la presse, et après six mois seulement de présence dans le cercle restreint des spas d’exception, le succès est bien au rendez-vous. Un temple au design innovant, conçu par Huguette Martin, une femme (très) active qui n’a eu de cesse de penser à offrir à ses semblables la quintessence de la beauté et du bien-être. Même si le temps leur est compté. Compte-rendu de moments mémorables au Martin ‘Spa et des offres exclusives pour les lectrices de JUMP. Pour vous aider à franchir le(s) pas !

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 Vrouwen moeten economie redden

source: www.managersonline.nl

8 januari 2009 - Veel Amerikanen zien Barack Obama liever vandaag dan morgen president worden. Maar misschien hadden ze beter voor Hillary Clinton kunnen kiezen. Volgens Brits onderzoek en vooraanstaande Amerikaanse academici, zou veel economische ellende voorkomen zijn als er meer vrouwen aan de top hadden gestaan.

Uit onderzoek van de Aziz Company blijkt dat bijna negen van de tien managers geloven dat de cultuur die excessieve risico’s aanmoedigt en beloont bijgedragen heeft aan de huidige financiële crisis. Meer dan acht van de tien ondervraagden zegt vervolgens dat de blindheid voor de risico’s die financiële instellingen liepen, gevoed werd door de machocultuur binnen die bedrijven. Meer dan driekwart voegt daaraan toe dat de ongelijke verdeling tussen mannen en vrouwen een grote rol heeft gespeeld.

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 Le système belge de sécurité sociale crée-t-il des discriminations entre les hommes et les femmes?

par Sibylle Dechamps, JUMP
« Individualisation des droits en sécurité sociale »… voilà un terme un peu barbare et un sujet pour le moins complexe. Il peut pourtant jouer un rôle important dans l’émancipation des femmes. Le 15 décembre 2008, a eu lieu, à l’initiative de Joëlle Milquet, une journée d’étude organisée par l’Institut pour l’Egalité des Hommes et des Femmes, le Comité de Liaison des Femmes et le Nederlandstalige Vrouwenraad sur ce thème. De quoi s’agit-il exactement ? En matière de sécurité sociale, il existe deux types de droits : les droits propres que l’on se crée grâce à son travail et ses cotisations sociales, et les droits dérivés que l’on obtient grâce au lien de parenté, du mariage ou de la cohabitation. Inutile de préciser que la toute grande majorité des adultes bénéficiant de ces droits dérivés, et donc dépendantes d’une autre personne, sont des femmes…

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 2008 was not a fruitful year for gender equality and the EU accession process in Turkey

source: by KAGÝDER’s President Gülseren Onanç www.kagider.org

We have left another year behind. Unfortunately we cannot say that 2008 was a fruitful year for gender equality and the EU accession process in Turkey. The items on the agenda for our country are as follows:

• The project for a Civil Constitution has been drafted; however, even in the early preparation stage, enlargement of women’s fundamental rights was not discussed.
• The Prime Minister’s statement on the necessity of giving birth to 3 children was very disappointing as it reflects his point of view on women’s role in the society.
• Female employment rate has decreased to 22 %.
• Although the positive discrimination clause in Employment law is an asset, the abolition of obligatory child care services is a big deficit.
• According to the Gender Gap Report of the World Economic Forum, Turkey is listed 123th.
• The draft law on the establishment of a Turkish National Parliament Gender Equality Commission has not yet been passed.
• Reforms for EU accession process have not been made or not fully implemented.

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 Academy on the 12 February 09 in Brussels : Active Listening, get a win-win solution

How do you listen? And how do other people listen to you? How can you be sure that what is said is what is needed to be able to convene? Spoken language-communication is only about 30% of what we perceive and from this 30% half is subject to context. So, how about re-discovering Active Listening as a state-of-the-art management tool ?
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 Si elles avaient le pouvoir…

source www.toutpourelles.fr

C’est le titre d’un livre que j’ai littéralement dévoré et redévoré. L’auteure, Isabelle Germain, une amie journaliste, co-présidente de l’AFJ et animatrice de l’excellent blog Du rose dans le gris, démontre avec talent – et bien sûr preuves à l’appui – la difficile ascension des femmes vers des sommets où elles brillent par leur absence. Que ce soit dans les lieux de décision politiques, économiques, médiatiques, intellectuels, l’auteure décrypte les freins "discrets et sournois" qui laissent les femmes au pied des montagnes. A quand un partage du pouvoir équitable et juste ? Et qu’est-ce que cela changerait ? Quelques éléments de réponses dans cette - longue mais passionnante - interview que m’a gentiment accordée Isabelle.
A première vue, le mot "pouvoir" peut être ambigu. Que sous-entends-tu par ce terme ?Le pouvoir dont je parle est celui qui consiste à prendre part ou à influencer très fortement les décisions qui gouvernent la vie de la cité. Les femmes sont absentes ou très faiblement représentées dans les lieux de décision. Si l’on examine la crise actuelle : combien de femmes interviennent dans les décisions concernant le chômage partiel et l’avalanche de plans sociaux qui s’annonce ? Quelle place ont-elles pour proposer des solutions alternatives ? Et je ne parle pas du délire collectif qui a conduit au krach…

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 5th European Gender and ICT Symposium in Bremen 5/03/09

Source: European Platform of Women Scientists

The 5th European Gender and ICT Symposium takes place at the University of Bremen, Germany, 5-7 March 2009 and we will take a closer look at the complex interdependence between gender and ICT. It will explore ways to increase appreciation of diversity in design and use and to strengthen empowerment and participation by means of ICT. This Conference, the fifth in a row of symposia held in Europe since 2003, traditionally provides a meeting point for researchers from various disciplines and research schools dealing with gender and ICT. The deadline for the submission of abstracts is 1 September 2008. The conference homepage: http://www.gict2009.de

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