The 8 Saboteurs Of Mighty Things: #4 Balance

The prevalent myth of work-life balance is robbing you from the bold results you wish to see in your life. Chasing that fictional balance keeps you locked in an impossible paradigm.

Work-life balance is an illusion. It is a belief that robs you from all the joy intimacy could give you and the fulfillment you could find from work. It implies you have to make sacrifices, that you need to choose between work and your life. What does that mean? Does it mean your life is separate or different from your work? Shouldn’t your work be an integral part of your life, too?

This metaphor juxtaposes work to life. It assumes they are opposites. What does it imply? Is work dead? Are the activities you do outside of the office not considered work?

The element I disagree with the most is balance. It implies that we are weighing work and life. It implies these two elements are heavy. We take a mythical scale and measure the burden of each of them. Wow! Work and life are burdens! I definitely disagree. Seeing life or work as a burden will make it so. They will become synonymous with anxiety, difficulty, and hardship.

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