A Dad’s Reflection on Parental Leave

Everything in life is a journey. As I sit here riding the bus into work, I can’t help but look back at my time on parental leave.

My time at home with our baby boy ended just over a month ago, and it has taken me this long to truly comprehend just how special it was.

To catch you up, I left my job for six months and went on paternity leave. In Canada, there is a year of time dedicated towards taking care of a new baby. The mother and father can split up the time however they want as long as the mom does the first several weeks.

This was our second child, and long before we were even pregnant I had said that if we had a second I wanted to stay home and experience everything that goes with being a stay-at-home parent. My wife agreed to share the time and my adventure into full-time parenthood was set.

As the day approached for me to stay home, there was so much to be taken care of. I had to let work know and start putting my mind around the fact that I would be home with our boy all day, every day. My employer accepted my wish to stay home with open arms and that made the transition easy.

Now that I am back at work, with new some new people, a new office, and a much more advanced company, my time away really allowed me to take a step back and see what I really could add to the mix.

I am not going to go into the daily grind of parental leave (or the PL as I coined it) because I updated this daily on my blog, Like A Dad. There you can read all about our adventures, milestone moments, and wow, the amount of photos I took borders on obsessive. This piece of writing is more about documenting my feelings as I look back. How it has changed me as a dad, man, and person.

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