Entrepreneurship 2.0 Newsletter #2

Numbers from all over the world repeatedly show that male entrepreneurs outnumber female ones in innovation-driven economies like Belgium’s. Our numbers are no different; only 15% of all founders of young, high-potential companies is female. At the company level, only 1 in 3 ventures has at least one female founder. The difference between these two numbers stems from the fact that there are very few solo female founders and that most companies are founded by teams, which typically only include one female member – or none at all.

As there is widespread agreement on female entrepreneurs being a minority, the more interesting question to ask is “so what?”. In this newsletter, we dive deeper into this question by highlighting differences and similarities between male and female founders of young, high-potential companies as well as differences in the companies they start. We have also asked Marianne Germain, CEO and co-founder of EpiGaN, to share her thoughts on the topic, being the only woman in a team of three founders.

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