Make the most of your internal network

Networking is essential for building strong relationships and improving organisations, so don’t miss out on building your own internal network.

One major thing we all frequently overlook is how visible we are within our own organisations. Very often we are so focused on doing a great job and working well with our immediate colleagues that we lose sight of the larger internal networking picture. According to research from Catalyst, women pursue career development within their own organisations more than external opportunities. It makes sense that some energy and effort have to be focused on raising our visibility in our wider workplace.


Creating a network of strong relationships at all levels in any organization is invaluable for everyone and will help you successfully get things done. Very often these relationships are the cement that oil the machine of our working day. It might be the fixer, or someone who knows the organisational short cuts, or a colleague whose brain you can pick. But very importantly there is the key person who is familiar with navigating office politics.

Networking is also allowing you to add value and showcase skills that will help your colleagues and stakeholders be successful in their roles. It’s a win/win. At its core, it’s unofficial collaboration that keeps you top of mind when an opportunity arises.

Sometimes networking can seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to. Our Returner Roll-Up Session can help you with Getting back on the Networking Horse.


Take a look across the organisation and map out key players. They are not always the most senior or influential. Being on good terms with procurement, catering and IT can be really useful in times of need.

  • A peer network. Your immediate team and peers are your first priority. Invite people for coffee or an informal lunch to get a better understanding of what they do and whether there is any potential for synergy.
  • Look across functions. Build relationships with people in other departments that you may interact with. Get a feeling of how the organisation as a whole gels together. A simple question about what their job entails or asking what they are working on will be enough for them to share valuable information.
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