Do gender differences make a difference at the negotiations table? Research suggests that, in many cases, they do.

Studies show that women don’t recognise as many negotiation opportunities as men do. There’s also evidence that women may face social backlash if they don’t follow culturally ingrained ideas about appropriate gendered behaviour, such as when they appear to be “too assertive” or “not nice enough.”

This has several implications for women as professionals. As my own research shows, such perceptions may reduce the influence women can exert in their organisations. Social backlash may also affect women’s careers by causing them to miss out on desirable work assignments and support from mentors if people are disinclined to work with them.

However, these challenges can be managed. Based on new research about gender differences in negotiations, here are some insights that can help women leaders make better decisions, be more influential, and realise better outcomes in negotiations.

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