What Your LinkedIn Headline Reveals About Your Self-Confidence At Work

If you’re like many of the 530+ million users of LinkedIn today, you are making a mistake on your LinkedIn profile – an error that will limit your opportunities and curtail your ability to open new doors to the most exciting and rewarding work, colleagues and roles. And this mistake reveals volumes about whether or not you respect who you are and what you are capable of doing for a living, and feel confident about it.

What’s this mistake so many make? It’s using your current job title as your headline.

In my career coaching work with professionals, and speaking to many recruiters over the years, I’ve seen that the way you craft your LinkedIn profile, and your headline in particular, shares a wealth of information about how you view yourself and your livelihood. It also reveals how confident and secure you are, and whether or not you understand the value and uniqueness of your own accomplishments.

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