Peering into a Psychopath’s Bag of Tricks: Slaps and Sexist Remarks

Slaps and sexist remarks shut up their targets and everyone around them. Speaking up and being heard is critical in both nation building and creating a healthy productive workplace. Denying a person from speaking up can be catastrophic, leading to corporate scandals, death and in the context of a nation – civil unrest or a strong unhappy undercurrent.

Last week I wrote about two public incidents in Malaysia which showed how two people were deftly shut up in The Slap: Shutting People Up. I explained the deep culture of shame and the large power distance, fertile ground for wrongdoing to continue without challenge.


Are you ready to peer into the psychopath’s bag of tricks? Disclaimer: I am focusing on behaviour rather than on particular persons and attempting to view this objectively. I am not branding any of the following people as psychopaths but I am pointing out the psychopathic tricks they have employed.

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