Role Negotiation: What Male Leaders Need To Know

It’s a Win-Win

Are any of your direct reports feeling restless or uninspired at work? Looking for new challenges or to develop new skills? Do they want access to “hot jobs”—large, highly visible projects, mission-critical roles, and international assignments that accelerate advancement?

Many employees who feel this way look outside their organizations for jobs that more closely align with their skills and interests.

Role negotiation is one of the ways that companies and leaders can retain talent they might otherwise lose. Individuals who successfully negotiate their roles are not only more likely to report that they will remain with their current company, but also report higher innovation in their roles while enjoying greater access to profit-and-loss responsibility and projects with C-suite visibility.

As male leaders, we must recognize that role negotiation is especially important for women for three main reasons:

In Catalyst’s exciting new study, Role Negotiation and the Pursuit of Hot Jobs, we reveal how role negotiation benefits everyone—individuals in pursuit of hot jobs, leaders seeking to increase innovation on their teams, and companies trying to retain their best talent.

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