Am I Crazy? 6 Tips for Getting Some Perspective

Women tend to think they’re nuts more than men. It’s a fact. We second guess ourselves all the time, even when we know we shouldn’t. Marcia’s advice to turn your “Am I crazy?” moments into a self-coaching opportunity is right on the money. Try it! – InPower Editors

According to Gender Intelligence expert, Barbara Annis, women tend to spend more time on introspection and worry over social interactions and daily events than men. Women tend to reflect on a situation over and over, looking at what went wrong, what they should have done or said differently, and why people reacted the way they did. They also spend more time than men worrying about what will happen in the future to their security and happiness and how this will affect the people they live and work with. Men spend more time deliberating over solutions; women ruminate on causes and effects.

In other words, as a woman, you often think yourself crazy.

When you feel stuck, overwhelmed or stressed out, your brain is trapped in negative thinking patterns. You are likely to believe the worst will happen. You regret your life/career choices. You might find yourself critical of everything and everybody around you. Here are six tips to shift your perspective out of a negative spiral:

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