Tap into technology for more effective networking

Never has the circulation of information been faster. At the touch of a screen which can be as small as the palm of a hand, we have access to information on a scale never been seen before. We can also share data about ourselves and others in a nano second whether it’s an update on our relationship status (Facebook) , the meal we’re about to eat (Twitter) a photo of a view or people we’re with (Instagram) an article we’ve read (LinkedIn) or even our own resumés.

There are many, particularly in the older demographics, who still turn their noses up at the new social media platforms, associating them with lowest common denominator activities. This is not entirely disconnected to intellectual arrogance as well as ignorance.  I do  agree that reading about people’s lunch choices is only marginally more interesting than watching paint dry.   However,  there are times when technology can enhance tried and trusted methodologies and even bail us out if we’ve screwed up. It certainly adds a new dimension to networking opportunities.

A spontaneous request for a CV 

Old school   – request business card and email resumé at next possible opportunity.

New options  (with permission)  –

  •  Option 1  keep a copy of your resumé on your  smart phone or  tablet. Send it immediately to the person requesting the document.
  • Option 2 send a LinkedIn connection invitation on the spot from  smart phone or iPad.

Forgotten or run out of business cards

Old school  – panic,  cringe with embarrassment, miss opportunities, write on beer mat,  ask for their card and contact by email later.

New options

  • Option 1 keep a photo of your own card on your phone or iPad.  Send immediately.
  • Option 2   CardMunch  app is a business card reader launched by LinkedIn. All you do is take a photo of your contact’s business card and it will automatically upload the business card details to your phone so you can make a connection with a potential connection  in seconds. This process is better on an iPhone than iPad where it has had mixed reviews for layout.
  • Option 3 Put number directly onto their phone.

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