Let’s go girls … negotiate!

Why women should negotiate. This post became the first in a trilogy on women and salary negotiation. See the sequels “Don’t be afraid of “No” and “Cave in… or leave the cave”

I’ve come across a few things in the past two weeks which have left me unfortunately, pretty sad, frustrated and frankly in a state of confused wonderment. It’s all centred around the issue of gender divide and salary. Or to put it less esoterically – why do women earn less than men for doing similar jobs?

I’m not even talking about glass ceilings, women on boards or any other more complex and contentious issues that are perplexing a generation of management gurus, where there are whole biz school courses and grad theses devoted to the topic. No all I’m talking about is basics:

“Why does John earn (x) and Jane earn (x minus ) for doing comparable work when all other factors remain equal?”

These might include education, qualifications, experience and age being the same

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