The Unvarnished Truth About Being A Female Leader In Tech

Part of the series “Women, Leadership and Vision”

Most of us have read many articles and statistics about how the tech worldremains biased against women in terms of leadership roles, and in roles throughout the ranks, actually. Taking another perspective, what is it really like to be a senior female leader at a major tech company? What are the hard truths that people aren’t sharing?

To answer that question, I caught up this week with Rachel Mushahwar, a Vice President and General Manager at Intel, a global technology leader that’s shaping a data-centric future with the computing and communications technology that’s at the foundation of the world’s innovations. Mushahwar is focused on helping companies realize value and solve real-world business challenges with technology. She’s been named one of the “Most Admired Women in Business,” one of the “Top Ten Women in Technology” and Women’s Wear “Top Industry Transformers” and is a strong voice for the advancement of women in STEM.

Here’s what Mushahwar shares:

Kathy Caprino: Rachel, you’re a role model for women in the tech sector, rising to a senior position as an Intel vice president. What’d it take to get here?

Rachel Mushahwar: I wish I could tell you that it is or was easy. I wish I could tell you that it was filled with a supportive ecosystem every day, and that I don’t have any guilt about my choices. I wish too that I could say that more women than ever are reaching the highest levels in companies and on boards. But those aren’t the unvarnished truths. The truth is hard to hear, harder to accept, and harder yet to change. A rewarding career seldom follows a straight path. There are always sacrifices along the way. But every twist and turn along the journey teaches valuable lessons and highlights where we need to continue to push for change.


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