12 Stunning Photos That Prove There’s No Such Thing As ‘Men’s Work’

“Gender should not determine professional opportunities.”

Commercial photographer Chris Crisman was very interested when he heard a friend of a friend had left her job as a web designer in New York City to become a butcher in Philadelphia. Crisman thought this woman would be an ideal subject for a portrait.

So, the Pennsylvania-native went to Philly to shoot the woman, Heather Marold Thomason, in her butcher shop.

“During our shoot, Heather, my producer Robert Luessen and I had some great conversations about women working in traditionally male-dominated fields,” Crisman told The Huffington Post. “From that conversation we thought that might make a good project or body of work.”

That’s how Crisman’s photo series “Women’s Work” was born.

The series, which Crisman started this past February, features women from all around the country doing jobs that have been traditionally coded as male. “Women’s Work” includes a pig farmer from Pennsylvania, a lobster fisher from Maine and a firefighter from Ohio; all of whom happen to be women.

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