Founder of Multi-Million Dollar Event Tech Company Shares Her Story

Women 2.0 interviews Talia Mashiach, founder of Eved, an event commerce company.

Talia Mashiach from Eved discusses wearing many hats, hiring and leading in this clip from Trep Life.

Read the interview below and then check out our other story on Talia and view the full Trep Life episode here.

W2: What were some of the factors that led you to become an entrepreneur?

TM: I have always loved business, and I have been starting small businesses since I was a kid. I actually just went through a box at my parents’ house and found an assignment I did in seventh grade. I had written in my paper that I wanted to be a business executive. Entrepreneurship allows me to have the flexibility to build my career around my life and build my own journey.

W2: How has your past experience gotten you to where you are now? 

TM: I think sometimes people look at a successful person and think they got there so fast and that it was easy. It is never easy. Overcoming big challenges is what prepares you for your next stage of growth. I have had so many different challenges to overcome. I have learned so much from everything I have done, and there is not one single challenge I could have skipped in order to gain the experience I have today.

W2: What problem did you see in the market that inspired you to start your company? 

TM: I was very surprised that $650B+ is spent by large corporations that were so advanced in so many ways, but still ordering and paying for their event services the same way they have been for 25 years. I love solving big problems, and I love taking a manual complex process and simplifying it with technology. This was a great space to do it in.

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