Paola Diana is, amongst other things, a human tigress who refuses to take prisoners. When I first met her, before deciding to publish an English edition of her best-selling Italian book, she played our whole encounter in a low key manner. It never suggested the enormity of her boiling conviction, or her capacity to subdue the most virulent of those detractors she was likely to come across in her campaign to elevate women in their struggle to gain equality and respect.

Now, with Saving the World in print, she proves without equal as she literally exploded on the British publishing scene. She has the kind of gusto which one rarely sees nowadays, in a Society which has lost its stance to fight for the underprivileged lest it conflicts with its own way of life.

Paola’s determination to go against this trend is to be admired and supported in every way possible. Here is her interview in full with the Hill Residents magazine which shows the extent of her fight on behalf of women who she believes are still a long way from the equality they deserve.

Buy her book and you’ll be surprised by the eloquence and fire which resonates on every page.

Below is the said interview in full:

It’s not long into my chat with entrepreneur and author Paola Diana that she describes herself as a rebel. And, as soon as she says it, it’s obvious that it is the perfect description for the Notting Hill-based entrepreneur and author who has dedicated much of her career to empowering women and shedding stereotypes.

It’s something she loves to talk about everywhere from her blogs for the Huffington Post to her feminist and political commentary on radio and TV, and it’s what her new book is all about. A rallying call for gender equality, the book follows the plight of women throughout history, the current socio-political situation and what can be done for the future in a part manifesto for change part historical and sociological essay.

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