Late Love: Mating in Maturity

Many women, and a minority of men, are deciding that ‘adequate’ marriages are inadequate. They are driving an explosion of ‘grey’ divorce and remarriage in the over-50s. With children moving on and ever-longer lives stretching out ahead, more mature adults are leaping, unconventionally and aspirationally, at a last chance at love.


Most of the existing literature discourages them. The dominant mantra is that ‘staying together’ is the superior, admirable choice. They insist that romantic dreams of great sex and soulmates are the Disney-esque yearnings of the naively immature.


This book argues the contrary. Great relationships are not only attainable; they are a natural and admirable goal for aging humans. And if your current mate isn’t interested in working with you to craft an ever-deeper and finer partnership, then it may be your mate that requires changing – not your dreams.


The book is a rich resource for anyone looking to find and build a mature, joyful union in adulthood. It’s also a clarion call for all those who might like to, but are stuck on the fence, in unsatisfactory relationships, or recovering after the loss of a mate. Equal parts roadmap and inspiration, the book offers a joyfully fresh perspective on the naturalness of emotional transitions in lengthening lives. It charts a course for the journey towards late love: how to understand existing relationships, how to digest the lessons from the first half of life and how to make wise choices for the rest of the road.


As one of the world’s leading gender experts, Avivah Wittenberg-Cox frames her reflections in the context of an unprecedented, millennial shift in gender relations. As women’s educational, social and economic empowerment increases, they continue to demand more for the world – and from it. This is true both at home and at work. Settling for anything less than mutually supportive, seductive and stretching relationships is so yesterday. As the number of late leavers and lovers swells, their thirst for more is redefining what relationships look like in a greying, gender-balancing world.


And it looks pretty good.

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