60 Great Business and Leadership Books, All Written by Women

Looking for a great leadership or business book that will provide new perspectives? Look no further.

We’re all looking for great books to read: Books on leadership, books on strategy, books on managing and inspiring and motivating people…

And while there are certainly classic books on those subjects, take a quick look at “top leadership books” lists and you’ll notice that most include relatively few books written by women.

Let’s fix that.

Actually, let’s allow Rachel Happe to fix that. (Rachel is the principal and a co-founder of Community Roundtable, a firm that collaborates with clients to develop proven, practical strategies for better engagement, relying on models, research and networks to take their communities to the next level.)

Here’s Rachel:

A few weeks ago, I tripped across Richard Branson’s list of 70 Must Read Books. It’s an excellent list but I noticed the lack of women authors and I commented on that, which led to a long stream of recommendations.

In my domain of business, strategy, and leadership I’ve also noticed a gap in women authors and I thought it was worthwhile to compile a list that was not books targeted at women but books about strategy and leadership that happen to be written by women. There is some cross-over; obviously, the experience of being a woman in leadership today provides an experience worth discussing, but that is not the predominant focus of this list.

So here you are: 60 about strategy and leadership, written by women and listed in no particular order so as not to overemphasize any one of them.

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