Bridging the Gender Gap

Bridging the Gender Gap picks up where Lean In left off, challenging everyone, not just corporate women, to make the changes necessary to achieve a more equal distribution of men and women in positions of power and leadership in companies, universities, governments – all sectors of economic and political life. The book shows how 7 popular myths about men, women, business, and leadership not only perpetuate the gender gap, but are bad for business, bad for the economy, and bad for governance.

The book presents compelling cases showing that many people in positions of power and influence do not believe they can or should do anything to help close the gender gap. They tend to believe that they are up against insurmountable forces of nature, society, or the Market, or a combination of all three. The result of that kind of thinking? A stubbornly persistent gender gap.

Bridging the Gender Gap draws on the latest research on gender in sociology, psychology, history, economics, management, politics, law, and philosophy to dismantle the 7 myths perpetuating the behaviors and beliefs that prevent us from closing the gender gap. Based on this research and their own case studies, the authors provide 7 guiding principles to guide and empower individual decisions, action and behavior that will help narrow or even close the gender gap in leadership and employment.

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