Inclusion Around The Clock

The new awe-inspiring book from over a dozen experts that sheds light on human connectedness, diversity and inclusive leadership

With companies that practise diversity and inclusion (D&I) outperforming their peers by 35%,1 D&I is more prevalent than ever, and is paving the way for more innovative and adaptable workforces in 2017.

Inclusion Around The Clock (£14.99, Panoma Press) celebrates the vast topic of diversity and inclusion and takes readers on an inspiring journey of self-discovery, authenticity and shared humanity. The unique combination of personal accounts, case studies and expertise demonstrate the critical issues in D&I today, how these can be recognised and differences and similarities can be leveraged for the better through inclusive mindsets and habits. The book guides both organisations and individuals alike to become more inclusive and welcome diversity in all its forms.

The book is authored by Isabelle Pujol, founder of Pluribus and one of the first European full-time change agents in the world of D&I, in addition to twelve other authors from the Pluribus Global Network, and also includes a foreword by Sodexo Senior VP Corporate Responsibility and Global Chief Diversity Officer Rohini Anand Ph.D. This unique combination of viewpoints and varying perspectives in the book will encourage the reader to consider D&I in a broader context and fully engage in the topic in a way other books created from a single viewpoint are unable to achieve.

D&I is a vast subject, and, for this reason, Inclusion Around The Clock is divided into bite-size chunks, with each chapter covering a specific theme. This makes it not only an enjoyable read, it also allows the reader to absorb the different styles, stories and contributions surrounding D&I. The book aims to spark the reader’s interest in D&I and promotes a more inclusive and diverse world where everyone feels valued.

Isabelle Pujol speaks about the motivations for writing the book:

“Pluribus is turning ten years old and writing this collective book was the option we selected to pause, reflect and celebrate ten years of learning, discoveries and adventures. This book is for you! Ten years of inspiration, co-creation, sharing, growing and learning together, creativity, energy and true care.”

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