Evaline: A Feminist’s Tale

‘Evaline: A Feminist’s Tale’ is a chronicle of the impact of the sixties women’s liberation movement on the life of a woman called Evaline Sadlier. The story deftly shifts from the mature, accomplished Evaline to the youthful Eva setting out to make her mark as a person and as a businesswoman, helping the reader understand along the way how she got to where she is. In her first media profile, at an early point in her career, when asked to describe her ambition, Eva responds: “I just want to be more than I am. I want to know more, to accomplish more, to give and receive more unconditional love, to have a happy and fulfilling life. I want to keep growing to the very end – preferably not in size, but in substance.” Eva’s is the story of a free-spirited independent woman – a self-described feminist with a particular enthusiasm for large earrings. In ‘Evaline: A Feminist’s Tale’ we watch Eva juggle career, family and id (and ego) with general aplomb, despite the occasional misstep. When her resilience is tested by tragedy she faces it with strength and determination. Evaline seeks to respond to the question ‘Can women have it all?’ through example, not argument. An open-minded, energetic role model for the 21st century, Eva fervently believes that you can have what you want and that it is all a matter of choice, not compromise.

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