Parent Guide to protect girls from marketers and media

Packaging Girlhood is a new book by Sharon Lamb and Lyn Mikel Brown that helps guide parents through attempts to claim them by marketers and the media. We show parents the image of girls (sexy, diva, boy-crazy, shoppers) that’s being packaged and sold, pretty in pink. We write about how “girl power” has been co-opted by marketers of music, fashion, books, cartoons, TV shows, movies, toys, and more to mean the power to shop and attract boys, and how girls are encouraged to use their “voice” to choose accessorizing over academics, sex appeal over sports, and boyfriends over friends. We expose these stereotypes and the very limited choices presented of who girls are and what they can be. We give advice to parents about how they can guide their daughters through these negative images without taking a “Just say no” perspective.

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