Hardball for Women: Winning At The Game Of Business

Do you have to act like a man to play good hard ball? No—but it helps to know the rules. Hardball for Women teaches women how to use the unwritten rules of business culture to get the big promotion, corner office, and the hefty expense account. By exploring the socialization process from the ground up, Pat Heim uses personal anecdotes and the results of painstaking research to demonstrate how specific behavior patterns are interpreted in business settings to evaluate whether someone is strong or weak, clear or vague, ambitious or passive, and ultimately, promotable or not.

Illustrating precise techniques with real business situations, Hardball for Women shows women how to read and use nonverbal cues, how to be assertive without being obnoxious, how to use banter in networking, how to use smart self-promotion in speech and dress, how to take criticism objectively, how to make alliances, how not to take conflict personally, and more. A must for every woman who wants to get ahead in business. Hardball for Women demystifies the arcane business culture and shows how to use its rules to stay ahead of the competition and win.

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