Winning in a Man’s World- Advice for Women Who Want to Succeed and the Men Who Work with Them

What do men and women do differently? Plenty. These differences can present tough, frustrating situations for women working in a male-dominated environment, and vice versa. In her newest book, Winning in a Man’s World, Renee Weisman demonstrates how to make gender differences an opportunity rather than a problem.

Weisman gives a tactical step-by-step guide on what to do and how to do it, incorporating real examples and lessons learned from nearly forty years of experience in a mostly male Fortune 100 company, and in industry and education as a whole. She provides successful solutions to the most common concerns of women in the workplace, including being the only woman at work, starting off on the right foot, communicating effectively, being at the helm, and juggling home, motherhood and work.

Through the “Try It Now” exercises and “Renee’s Rules,” Weisman promotes an instant application of the principles as well as a quick rundown of the various topics she engagingly discusses in detail. While Weisman’s cases in point throughout the book portray mostly women in a situation, she balances the scale by addressing male concerns in such situations as well. New hires, experienced employees, working parents, employers, and anyone trying to “have it all” will benefit from her valuable pointers. Insightful and packed with examples, Winning in a Man’s World is straightforward, “laboratory-tested” advice from a scientist and successful female executive who has gone through it all.

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