Beginners Guide for Home-Based Business Owners: Establishing an Initial Presence on the Internet (Volume 1)

“Beginners Guide for Home-Based Business Owners – Establishing an Initial Presence on the Internet” is a guide for the solo-prenuer, small business owner who is looking to establish a presence on the web. The guide gives some basic business establishment overviews, some leadership and management tips and suggested ways to have a coordinated presence on the internet. This is a good overview for the home-based businessperson who seeks to put a first step into the waters of social media marketing.


Linda C Smith is a fine artist, writer and home-based business owner. She comes from a line of women entrepreneurs, all who have had home businesses so she brings a lifetime of knowledge to the subject of small and home-based business. She recognizes that the world is different than when her grandmother owned a baby clothing store many years previous and that the contemporary marketplace is now global. Smith knows that to compete globally all businesses, both large and small, can benefit from a coordinated internet presence.

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