Index 2018: 33.6% of women on non-executive boards, 5% of female Chairs of Board of Directors and 4.5% of female CEOs

The first EWoB and Ethics & Boards European Gender Diversity Index is out.

The comparative ranking highlights the best practices of European companies in terms of gender diversity and has been set up with the purpose to measure the evolution of gender diversity at the top of the European corporate world. It analyses the situation in the 200 largest companies of the Stoxx Europe 600 registered in nine European countries(*) on 31 July 2018.

For the 2018 edition, 3 different indicators were measured:

-The percentage of women on Boards (**). The winner in this category is the French luxury group Kering

-The presence of a woman serving as Chair of the non-Executive Board (**). The winner in this category is the French food and facilities management company Sodexo

-The presence of a woman serving as Chief Executive Officer or Chair of the Executive Board. The winner in this category is the British pharmaceuticals company GlaxoSmithKline.

1.Percentage of women on Boards

The average female representation on Boards in the Index is 33,6%. For the countries, the top 3 is as follows (country name, number of companies in the Index, % of female representation):

  1. France (30): 44.2%
  2. Italy (26): 36.5%
  3. Germany (30): 33.7%

57.5% of companies have at least 1/3 of Women on the Board. 9% of companies have 20% or less of Women sitting on the Board.

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