Women Matter 2016 – Reinventing the workplace to unlock the potential of gender diversity

McKinsey & Company has for decades made gender diversity a priority at a global level, committing to develop women as leaders through sustained research programs, global partnerships with events and conferences, as well as internal initiatives.

Recently we’ve redoubled our efforts, by committing to initiatives such as UN Women’s HeForShe, as well as publishing major research reports including The power of parity (from the McKinsey Global Institute), new reports from the “Women Matter” series, or Women in the workplace
(in partnership with Sheryl Sandberg’s LeanIn.Org).

At the macro level, our McKinsey Global Institute has shown that global GDP realistically could increase by $12 trillion if women participated in the workforce on more equal terms with men. At a more micro level, the “Women Matter” research, launched more than 10 years ago now, has shown that companies with more than three women in top management positions tend to exhibit better organizational and financial performance.

In a context of slow growth and of a raging war for talent at a global level – especially at a time
of digital disruption and demographic upheaval –, the case for change towards greater gender diversity within economies and companies appears particularly strong. However, progress is very slow within corporations, and the European continent is no exception.

This new report takes a fresh look at what makes a difference between successful companies and others thanks to a benchmark analysis of 233 companies and 2,200 employees across eight European countries and Turkey.

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